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📄 Writing YAML with Validation

When working with YAML files, validating them is like a superpower that saves you a lot of time and effort.

Each of the actions and workflows in AutoPR clearly define their inputs and outputs. By enabling validation, you inform your editor of these definitions, so it can help you avoid writing invalid YAML.

There are three schemas available for validation:

  • trigger_schema.json - validates trigger files
  • workflow_schema.json - validates workflows files
  • strict_workflow_schema.json - validates workflows files, with strong typing for workflows

Writing with strict typing

Compared to workflow_schema, strict_workflow_schema is also aware of workflow definitions (and their inputs/outputs). If you're using it to write workflows that reference themselves, you will need to regenerate it after definining the new workflows' names, inputs and outputs.

Regenerate by running python -m autopr.models.config.entrypoints (or make schema if you're in the root of the AutoPR repository).

Make sure to select the new schema file you generated if you were previously working off a remote URL.

Editor config

AutoPR workflows and triggers are strictly typed, and the YAML files that define them are validated against a JSON schema. Configuring these in your editor can help you avoid errors and typos, and can help you discover new features.

VS Code

AutoPR includes a .vscode folder, which already contains settings for schema validation. Additionally, make sure you have extension YAML by Red Hat installed.

If you want to set schema validation for an external repository, simply copy the .vscode folder into the root of your workspace.

Alternatively, include one of the following comments to the top of your yaml file:

  • for triggers: # yaml-language-server: $schema=
  • for workflows: # yaml-language-server: $schema=
  • for strict workflows: # yaml-language-server: $schema=


Head to Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > Schemas and DTDs > JSON Schema Mappings and add the following mappings:

  • AutoPR Triggers:
  • AutoPR Workflows:
  • AutoPR Strict Workflows:

PyCharm Schema Settings

Afterwards, while editing a YAML file, select the corresponding schema in the bottom right corner of the editor.

PyCharm Schema Selection